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E.g., 28.09.2021
E.g., 28.09.2021

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

1. The client has the right at any time before arrival to cancel the drawing of stay, by written notice, which is the effective in a date when it is delivered to the Magnolia Hotel. When withdrawing from stay the client is obliged to pay the Hotel Magnolia cancellation fee according to paragraph 2.
The Client agrees and acknowledges that the cancellation fee will be calculated in the paid price and hotel Magnolia returns to the client only paid price of stay, which is less by the cancellation fee.

2. The amount of cancellation fees according to the previous point is as follows:
Cancellation fees are charged as follows, if the time between the stay and the termination of the stay is:
30 days or more ............................... cancellation fee is not charged
29-10 days ....................................... 50% of the total price
9 days and less ................................ 100% of the total price

3. To determine the number of days in the calculation of cancellation charges is a crucial day of receipt of the written cancellation of the stay. For such notification it may be considered by electronic mail if it is mutually confirmed.

4. In the case of termination of the stay before the agreed hotel Magnolia has the right to pay the agreed price for the stay in full.

5. If the client can not come to he hotel for serious reasons and he demonstrate it by credible written confirmation / serious illness or death in the family, natural disaster / utilize the services ordered by the agreed date, Magnolia hotel can offer different options according to the pumping period of stay. At that time Magnolia hotel will charge a cancellation fee for services in the original date.

6. Hotel Magnolia can offer a client to consume a stay in another time. This option is designed with each client individually according to the current hotel occupancy and is not granted automatically.

7. In the case of purchase of a gift voucher, voucher can not be redeemed for cash or other financial compensation. Voucher can not be refunded (cancellation fee: 100%).

These cancellation conditions are valid for all individual and group reservations of accommodation and stays at Magnolia hotel, which were conducted in person, by telephone, e-mail or other form.