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Free time

Free time

Families with children are welcome at the hotel Magnolia!

The kids corner will surely enchant your children from the first minute. It is a popular place for our children's guests, where they can play with plush toys, kits or draw on a blackboard. You will also find here a tent for the princess and a drawing table with paper, coloring books, pencils, scissors, or books. While the parents enjoy the coffee in the hotel restaurant, their kids get excited and entertained.


Club CEZAR at the Magnolia Hotel offers luxury in the style of Ancient Rome - beautiful spaces combining the beauty of ancient times and modern elegance. You will find here top comfort, guaranteed discretion, complexity of services, but especially the fun and taste of victory! Get to know the most advanced gaming technologies in a unique period atmosphere - Ceasar already knew that money is one of the power sources. Control the world of victory! Highly trained staff is ready to meet every client's most secret wishes. Get to know the taste of victory in beautiful spaces, surrounded by beauty and elegance!


Regal Burger
Regal Burger offers its guests a wide range of exclusive hamburgers, refreshing beer, wine, evenings with quality music, all in a captivating atmosphere right at the Magnolia Hotel by the riverbank. Regal Burger is fast as fast food and quality as a first class restaurant. That's why the concept is called "Fast Casual." Enjoy your stay at the Magnolia Hotel and stop by at Regal Burger for coffee, draft beer, and taste the top quality ingredients. During the summer, guests can enjoy a terrace with spectacular views of the river and the hills of Považský Inovec and musical performances.

At the Water Ski Resort in Ratnovská Bay, they will enjoy their water sports enthusiasts. In addition to the water-lift, you will also find sports equipment rental, a workout zone, a volleyball court, and a trampoline.


Right next to the hotel there is a ship that sails on the river Váh and the water reservoir Sĺňava. The combination of water, sun and good mood will give your stay in Piešťany the right flair.


Driving through the Piešťany by mini train along the Piešťany parks and the spa island will appeal to both children and adults. The circuit lasts 40 minutes.


Sightseeing hill which is high 240.4 meters above the sea is starting point to many hikes. It provides a wonderful view of of Piešťany and almost the entire Danube lowland. Access is from the city center through Krajinský most to the boarding house Benátky, from there up the stairs to the top of the hill.


The castle was made famous especially by the bloody Countess Elizabeth Báthory. From hotel Magnolia it is 17 km, direction Nove Mesto nad Vahom, further turn in the village Horna Streda and continue towards Pobedim, Podolie, Castkovce.


The castle ruins are situated directly in the forests of Považský Inovec. It is a beautiful hiking trip, which is less demanding. There are two ways to get to the castle. One is through the village of Lúka nad Váhom and the other through the village of Modrová and the tourisic center Bezovec. Both outputs last approximately 2 - 2.5 hours after the car is parked.